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Very Interesting

Official interest rates stayed level at 2% again this week and look like staying low for some time (or even falling further). This is indeed very interesting if you own an investment property. Many people think the property market is controlled by interest rates but recently we have seen Sydney post negative growth while Brisbane is […]

Property Fact Vs Fiction

News of change in the property market fills newspapers constantly. You hear contradictory stories and it just leaves you confused. Are you reading property fact or is it opinion? What’s going on? Remember that most mainstream commentary comes out of Sydney and Melbourne and is written by journalists who may need to knock something up […]

Do The New Lending Rules Affect You?

You may have heard that banks and other lenders have been required to implement new lending rules to reduce their lending to property investors. What’s the real story and has this changed how much you can borrow? The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is our financial watchdog and keeps our financial system secure by overseeing […]

Interest Rates – Steady As She Goes

On 7 July 2015, Australia’s Reserve Bank again decided to leave official interest rates unchanged at 2.0%. Great news for home owners who can expect relatively steady interest rates of around 4% for the rest of this year. The last changes were drops of 0.25% on 6 May and 4 Feb this year. Before that […]

Property deductions before 30 June

You could see 30 June coming all year and here we are with only one day to go. I know you probably still haven’t taken simple actions which can save you lots of money off your tax. There is a tax advantage in moving deductible expenses into the year you expect to have a higher […]

Retirees Turning To Property

With low interest rates here to stay for quite a while, those with home and other loans are rejoicing in being able to pay off their debt faster. For the borrower maintaining their previous repayments, this also produces a buffer, should things go pear-shaped in the future. It can also substantially reduce the time (and […]

Is The Property Boom Coming To Qld?

Today I have read a variety of articles about predictions about the Australian residential property market. It’s a circus with everyone putting their 2 cents worth in. As a result I thought I would try to make sense of it for the unfortunate average property buyer who doesn’t know, understand or even care about economic […]

Bubble Schmubble

There has been some recent talk of a property bubble by a few property commentators (and journalists). Firstly, many of these commentators live in Sydney which has experienced strong property price growth. The word “bubble” is more likely being used to create sensationalism to sell newspapers and magazines. There most certainly is no bubble but […]