Property deductions before 30 June

You could see 30 June coming all year and here we are with only one day to go. I know you probably still haven’t taken simple actions which can save you lots of money off your tax.

There is a tax advantage in moving deductible expenses into the year you expect to have a higher income. Even if your income will be about the same, wouldn’t you rather have the deduction now than waiting a year. Of course you would.

Time's Up

Time’s Up

Pay tax deductible bills, buy business equipment or pay super contributions today and claim it in this financial year.

If you’re a property owner you can probably prepay a year’s interest (if you have the cash). Pay rates, insurance etc. before 30 June to maximise your claims this year. It’s real money back in your pocket sooner!

Always ask your accountant or financial planner for advice first so give them a call. Even if you’re not sure, just ring and ask what you can do before 30 June to get extra tax deductions. Hop to it right now and while you’re there, commit to taking action and making the next 12 months your best yet. Property investment in SE Qld is hot, hot, hot so talk to us and see if and how you can best get on-board. Go on, call me right now on 1800 767 332 or email me on Visit our website here.