Property Fact Vs Fiction

News of change in the property market fills newspapers constantly. You hear contradictory stories and it just leaves you confused. Are you reading property fact or is it opinion? What’s going on?

Remember that most mainstream commentary comes out of Sydney and Melbourne and is written by journalists who may need to knock something up in 20 minutes. They look for sensationalism and may even just regurgitate their fellow journalists views. As each property exists only in one suburb, there is usually little relation to what’s going on in another town, city or state. In fact, the Australian property market cannot be thought of as one market. It consists of hundreds or even thousands of markets driven by very different fundamentals. Things like employment, schools, shops, transport, hospitals, lifestyle, migration, demographics and much more.

Statistics can also confuse. It’s easy to see why when you’re told Sydney’s average home value has risen by 15.9% over the past year but actually fallen by 0.2% over the last week to 25 Oct 2015. Your conclusions will depend on which figure you’re shown.

Acting on a headline written by a distant journalist is the worst possible way to buy or sell property.
It’s essential to talk to an expert who lives and breathes property every day. At Investment Property HQ we’ve got our finger on the pulse and are happy to share our expertise, knowledge and experience at no charge.

I know handing over the job requires a leap of faith but with today’s busy lifestyle, its essential. You already do it with your doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant and other professional advisers so go with it for your property investing too. Your financial security is serious so don’t treat it like a hobby. It’s a big deal and now is the best time to take action. SE Qld is strong and filled with awesome property opportunities. With Qld’s high rental yields, you’d be surprised what you can own.

Investment Property HQ is Sunshine Coast based and has thousands of quality properties as well as decades of advisory experience. We deal in property fact. Find us at or call me direct on 0412 542 316 and find out what’s possible for you. We’re here to help.

Pim Stort