Buying a property is always an exciting time. However, it should be more about the figures and less about the colour of the carpet, when buying an investment. As it might be one of the biggest decisions you ever make, you need to treat an investment property purchase much like a business.

Hesitation is common in first-time investors because they are dealing in an area which is new to them. Fear can cause us to miss opportunities or even to put off buying for years while property prices keep rising. It is important to acknowledge your concerns but also to be clear on exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. Realising worthwhile goals always requires positive action.

masterbookpileAt Investment Property HQ we know your concerns are real and we have developed a great approach to help you deal with them. Our founder and managing director, Pim Stort, has had over 20 years of financial planning experience where he came to appreciate the array of emotions people experience at these times. He also understands how to help you deal with them in a constructive  way.

Pim is the author of “Unleash Your Money Mojo” which deals directly with how your sub-conscious mind controls your financial decision making and also with many aspects of getting ahead financially. This knowledge and insight is priceless to have available to you through our assistance.

We can help you look at a proposed investment logically and with everything properly considered. When it’s time to take action, we can help you crunch the numbers and make an informed decision. The result is, you will be in a position to make a logical, confident decision and to move fast if it all adds up. Start the conversation and contact us right now on 1800 767 332 or leave an email here.

Property Cycle Emotions

The different emotions which people feel throughout the property cycle cause many to buy or sell at the wrong times. It is important to understand this cycle and have the strength to act at the right times to benefit.

cycle-of-market-emotionsWe are here to help you recognise this cycle and to act out of logic rather than fear or greed.

When all the news is doom and gloom and everyone is depressed about property, you often need to be getting your finances ready and preparing to buy. It’s not easy to do in your first property cycle but it pays very well if you can go against the masses.

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