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Take the guesswork out of successful property investing

We know that buying an investment property can be tricky – and there’s so much more to finding the right investment property than you probably think. Cash flow, loans, stamp duty, hotspots, tax deductions, grants and management are just the beginning. And it seems that the more you read, the more complex it becomes – right?

That’s why at Investment Property HQ we have developed the Property Success Masterplan. As property mentors, we take you through every step of the process to ensure you purchase the right property for your situation – taking into account your finances, your goals and your needs – so you get it right the first time and avoid any expensive mistakes!

We specialise in helping people on the path to successful investment property ownership. We’re genuine, experienced and reputable. So whether you’re new to buying an investment property, or an old hand, please read on to find out how you can get amazing information to make the process easier for absolutely no fee.

How Can We Help?

Pim has spent most of the last 32 years providing financial and investment advice to his clients as a valued financial planner. For ten of those years he was a Certified Financial Planner and has helped countless investors plan and structure their investments to secure their future. Throughout this time, property investment has been one of his personal pursuits.

Through Investment Property HQ, Pim now shares his considerable experience and skills with property investors as a licensed real estate agent (read more)

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