Our Principal: Pim Stort

Pim has spent most of the last 32 years providing financial and investment advice to his clients as a valued financial planner. For ten of those years he was a Certified Financial Planner and has helped countless investors plan and structure their investments to secure their future. Throughout this time, property investment has been one of his personal pursuits.

Through Investment Property HQ, Pim now shares his considerable experience and skills with property investors as a licensed real estate agent. He’s bought, sold and renovated many properties and he can help you with managing cashflow, finding the right loans, claiming all your tax deductions and explaining where we sit on the property cycle.

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He’s bought, sold, renovated, flipped and owned many properties over the past 30 years. He understands budgets, cashflow, loans, tax deductions, tax variations, depreciation, market timing, the property cycle and that’s just for starters.

Pim Stort’s Bio

Pim was born in Holland in 1959 and immigrated to Australia with his parents when he was just 3 months old. He lived in Sydney’s northern suburbs as a boy and moved to Ballina when his parents bought a motel in the picturesque part of the north coast of NSW.

After completing high school he moved back to Sydney to attend the University of NSW where he completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in physics and a Diploma in Education.

He was a teacher in Sydney’s south for 6 years before retraining and commencing his career in financial planning in early 1988. After taking a break to establish a successful retail business in Cronulla and then to learn the ropes in real estate, Pim relocated to Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast and returned to financial planning in 1997.

He has spent most of his life face to face with his clients as their trusted financial adviser.

Over the years, Pim expanded his interest in personal development and has read dozens of books and attended countless courses in related areas. More recently Pim renovated four properties while writing his first book – Unleash Your Money Mojo in 2010.

Pim presents on building wealth and developing a positive mindset (or mojo) towards money and assists people to be their best and enjoy a rich, compelling and rewarding life.


The valuable depth of knowledge gained as an expert Financial Planner and the wealth of experience through observing his clients behaviour around money has equipped Pim perfectly for his role as a leading wealth creation expert.